White Michelia candle featured on Topaau.hk

Our White Michelia beeswax candle is featured on Topaau this week. White Michelia brings back childhood memories for many people in Hong Kong. About 20 years ago, it was easy to find people selling White Michelia bouquets along the street. but it is harder to find the flower sellers these days. Now you can bring […]

New Year 2017

Happy New Year! We hope that 2017 brings you health and happiness. At The Candle Company, the year is getting off to a wonderful start and we have two pieces of good news to share with you. First, our Christmas candles and reed diffusers are now on super-special offer: Buy 1, Get 1 Free!   […]

Introducing WAX AMERICANA- Scents of America

WAX AMERICANA is a fabulous new range of American-themed candles. Made of 100% pure beeswax and perfumed with the finest quality scents, this new range of eight richly scented, clean-burning candles brings the best-loved flavors of America into your home and office, and its unique packaging ensures it makes the perfect gift. Generously fragranced with […]

The Enchanted Christmas Forest 魔幻聖誕森林

Once upon a time… there was a candle store in Central. It was so beautifully decorated with wooden ornaments and fairy lights, purples and reds and drifts of angel white snow that when visitors stepped across the threshold, they were transported to another world. An enchanted world. Four richly evocative traditional Christmas fragrances floated in […]

Plum Pudding 葡萄干布丁

Every traditional Christmas table needs a plum pudding. The whole family comes together to stir a lucky coin into the pudding before covering it with brandy and setting it alight. Then the lights are dimmed, the pudding is cut, and everyone hopes they get the coin to make their wishes come true. The Candle Company’s […]

Candied Fruits 糖漬果

A sumptuous seasonal concoction fit for the finest Christmas celebration. The Candle Company’s Candied Fruits fragrance blends the sweetness of candied fruits and spices with notes of caramel and vanilla to create a warm, inviting ambience in your home. These candles burn through the whiteness of snow revealing the rich red below. A fruity concoction […]

Gingerbread 薑餅

Gingerbread and Christmas belong together. Since the Middle Ages, gingerbread has symbolised the promise of something different, exciting, exotic. And this year is no exception. The Candle Company’s Gingerbread fragrance brings back childhood memories spiced with the cinnamon, vanilla and oranges wafting through your mother’s kitchen during the festive season. This spicy Gingerbread fragrance brings […]

Fir Needles 冷杉針葉

Wrapped in scarf, gloves and hat, kicking through the snow beneath the towering firs with crisp fresh air around you ?that’s the unmistakeable smell of Christmas! Bring that enchanted ambience into your home with our refreshingly natural Christmas tree fragrance. The Candle Company Fir Needles fragrance is as fresh as fallen fir needles. Enjoy the […]